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Journal 5.0 Build is in Full-Throttle

Dizzy’s Journal Entry (Build Crew Chugging Along…derailed, and back on track)
[The Saturday before Practice Day event]

Good thing I got the shaft coupler design finished. The build crew made them in class yesterday so we could focus on bigger things today in our long Saturday session. It also gave our drivers a chance to test out the base¬†while waiting for the arm and gripper. Wow! plastic wheels to reposition the base have no traction at all! The design team is considering laminating plywood on either side of a plastic wheel…that way we’ll have traction and strength.

We learned a big lesson today…well, kind of. Coach always said it was a bad idea to have me on both the design team and the build team. Well, today it caught up to us. I thought I remembered what the design was supposed to be. So, I built it my way thinking the drawings were wrong. I had completely forgotten about the changes that Gadget and Cupcake made to their design. I wasted an hour and a half before Eve caught my mistake.

That was a costly 1-1/2 hours. Now, we don’t have a completed gripper (I didn’t get to install the servo). The worst part is the drivers didn’t get a chance to see how the gripper was going to respond. (I hope today wasn’t the day scheduled for system testing).

The good news is that Eve and 4-hour got a basic arm mounted onto the base along with all the electronics. With a little sweat, we should be able to “drive” the whole thing by the middle of next week and be ready for Practice Day trials.

This article demonstrates how the “unexpected” can derail a team which deviates from sound principles and strict scheduling

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