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Journal 4.2 Shaft Couplers Required in most Robots

Dizzy’s Journal Enter – What Every Robot Needs

The build team has the base cut out, the “wheels”/gears finished, and the motors mounted on the base…but we forgot to design a way to attach the wheels to the motors.

Aaaahh! How could we forget these things! Every robot needs good shaft couplers! If these aren’t ready for the test team to start driving this Saturday, we’ll never be ready for Practice Day.

Here are the worksheets for the fastest design process EVER!

The Problem Identification worksheet including need statement, criteria, constraints…

worksheet - shaft coupler - problem id

The Brainstorming worksheet (only the list…ask Gadget for the sketches and descriptions pages)

worksheet - shaft coupler - brainstorm

Decision Matrix including our favorite ideas and what we think are the most important factors (…ask Gadget for the analysis pros/cons for each idea)

worksheet - shaft coupler - decision matrix

Our matrix says we should do the “set screw in a block” idea.

Next step: Choose the embodiment of this idea (general shape, general size, how to make the set screw, what shape hole).

After that: Have a design review to get approval.

Then: Do the detail design (choose all the dimensions) and produce an engineering sketch or drawing for the builders.


This article describes the worksheets for designing a practical shaft coupler which is the quintessential component to practice “Detail Design” on.

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