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Journal 2.3 Analyze and Choose Design-2

Dizzy’s Journal Entry (Choosing an Embodiment for Function #2 con’t)

We demonstrated the prototypes for 14 and 18. Everyone agreed that 18 is WAAAYY cool! But, has its problems.


worksheet decision matrix23

* we had to add factor F after the team saw the bank-teller-chute prototype.

Eve wrote the numbers for the matrix in her Journal entry. I’m too depressed to write them now…I’ll get them later. I know the bank-teller-chute would be hard, but they didn’t have to give it a zero for “confidence” !!!!

We’ll go with idea 14 as the matrix says, but I’m going to work on the prototype for 18 on my own time and try to convince the team to change the confidence score. I know it will work!

This article demonstrates how to choose from alternative designs.

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