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Journal 2.2 Analyze and Choose Design

Dizzy’s Journal Entry (Choosing an Embodiment for Function #2)


agenda 2-2

Coach was right, after a more sincere search for ideas, we wound up with 18 different ideas for Function #2 (collect sticks). We created an idea worksheet for each including a description, sketch, and pros and cons. Several ideas were dismissed quickly, some we had to argue about. But, we finally narrowed the list down to our favorites.

Eve, Cupcake and I proposed the following ideas to the team:

idea 2. Multi-fingered claw that pinches
idea 5. two combs that grasp multiple sticks
idea 7. series of u-bolts on Ferris wheel
idea 14. staggered half-cylinders
idea 18. conveyor and bank-teller-chute combination

(Our personal favorites are 14 and 18. I’m glad we did more brainstorming)

After team discussion, we agreed that the factors which are most important to choosing a design are:
A. weight of manipulator (light weight is really preferred)
B. more than minimum # of sticks per round (all of them in 2 minutes would be super)
C. doesn’t require precise robot positioning or driver precision
D. simple adaptation to hanger collecting (not a big deal)
E. low torque requirement to maintain hold (we don’t want to burn up a servo)

We couldn’t fill in the decision matrix and finish the items on the meeting agenda because some people insisted that we do rough prototypes for idea 14 and 18.

So, Eve and I worked on prototypes while the Function #3 sub-team presented their proposal and decision matrix.

This article demonstrates how to choose from alternative designs.

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