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Can Evernote get your Creative Team on the Same Page?

Can Evernote get your Creative Team on the Same Page?

Having a diverse team can be a blessing when tackling a challenging project. But, let’s face it, having to work with others presents a whole new set of challenges. A team without effective communication tools…a team without synchronization, isn’t going to reach its full potential and is likely to experience a lot of frustration.  But, if you can pull things together, then, Wow, what an impact it can have!

It is more than simply having additional bodies around to help you towards your goal. No, the real power of teamwork is synergy. That’s when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It is good when someone comes along and relieves you of some of responsibilities. But, it is great when team members somehow make each other better! That’s synergy.

Listing everyone’s individual ideas during a brainstorming session is Not synergy. It is just a combination of lists. How can we use the team environment to boost the creative potential of each member?

We’ve already established that one best practice in BEST is to “formally document everything.”  But, “formal” sounds so…”formal.” Can you really document the free-flowing creative moments? Doesn’t formality interrupt creativity? Sure, the wrong tool or method can interrupt the creative process. But, what if we could capture the creative thoughts of every team member in a medium that they are comfortable with and then share them with the whole team? And, not just during the brainstorming session. What if you could capture their thoughts, research findings, and epiphanies throughout the week between team meetings?

Evernote may be able to help you team do just that. Students can capture images, audio, web-based information, and text as it occurs to them. The digitized information can then be accessed by the rest of the team on demand. The shared media and responses allow ideas to evolve freely without the sharp time-constraints of a typical brainstorming session. Take a look at Evernote. It is more than just free, it is priceless.

For a team to experience synergy during the creative process, they need to be on the same page. Why not make it the same digital page. It will take some work to get everyone started. But, you’ll be providing each team member with a tool to use indefinitely. Here’s how it will likely play out:

  1. The teacher and each student signs up for a free Evernote account and downloads the App onto their preferred platform.
  2. The teacher creates and shares the notebook (or notebooks for a various challenge). Perhaps your team will have a notebook for booth, a notebook for t-shirt design, a notebook for arm-gripper configuration.
  3. Stakeholders in each area upload their written notes/doodles, web-based nuggets, or camera-phone pics as they happen through the day.
  4. Use the notebooks for some seriously productive idea-sessions when the team comes back together.

Do you think the learning curve might put a damper on things? Maybe. But, consider some of the less obvious features described in the following video. (just skip forward a few times if it is too long for your taste) They just might make it easy enough to be worth it.

So, am I crazy or do you think this is a tool that deserves to be in your BEST toolbox? Please comment below. Seriously, we all want to know what you think.

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